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SSD Solution

SSD Solution

SSD chemical solution and powder activation for sale. We are manufacturers and dealers of SSD solutions, activating powder, Prepared De-icing Fluids, Tebi-manetic Solution. We clean all types of black or defaced money known as anti-breeze bank notes (stained money). We also offer automatic machines to do big cleanings, and we do delivery of products to buyers’ destinations. Also, we do chemical melting and recovering of all types of bad money from black to its normal color. Please if you have made any kind of money making business that your money is stacked, we can help you clean the money, if you know someone that his or her money is stacked as well we can help him or her clean the money and you will receive a commission. Our laboratory staff is available worldwide to train researchers in order to conduct systematic and effective fieldwork. For further inquiries please do contact or e-mail us dear client.

We have our specialized technicians that do clean the money if you need them to travel to your location to help you in the cleaning of the money. In this case, you will have to pay extra for their services.

Your order is accompanied with a simplified manual in different languages which you can follow to clean your money yourself without any problem with a free package of activation powder.

Below is the price list of our SSD solution including delivery charges:

1 Liter for 28,000 USD and it cleans notes worth 1,000,000 USD

1/2 Liter (500ml) for 15,000 USD and it clean notes worth 500,000 USD

1/4 Liter (250ml) for 9,000 USD and it clean notes worth 250,000 USD

125ml for 5000 USD and it clean notes worth 125000 USD

Our Delivery time is 2-3 days to all locations let us know if you need our solution so that we can start preparation for delivery immediately.